Photos by Guy J. Schafer.

Born in Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory in Canada Guy spent most of his first 25 years in the rugged north. After several moves and two more sons his parents settled in Fort St. John British Columbia where is father served as the Fire Chief at the Airport for 20 years. Joe and Donna decided to try one last time for a daughter and they had twin boys and thought that was a nice round number for a family! With only 5 years difference in age from oldest to youngest the small 2 bedroom 1 bath bungalow was, as you can imagine small, full of life and not a place to stay inside. 

Most of Guy's youth was spent out of doors exploring, playing and discovering. His first purchased camera was a Polaroid Land Camera (he still has the photos) but remembers fondly his parents Kodak Brownie box camera and the string of small instamatic cameras that were to follow. Those pictures from those cameras captured moments and to this day evoke many fond memories of family, friends and adventures taken.

His first SLR was the Minolta X-700 with which he shot hundreds of rolls of film eventually moving into developing his own negatives and experimenting with black and white photography in his own darkroom (spare bathroom). A few years later Guy immigrated to the USA which was where his photography journey took a hiatus. Shortly after his arrival his camera equipment was stolen and he did not actively pick up photography again until the digital age was upon us. 

His first digital camera was a gift from a friend, a Kodak Easyshare from Walmart. Given on the eve of a move to Bahrain in the Middle East, it was this camera that reignited the passion for capturing the life around him. Documenting moments through creative images became a passionate pursuit. 




My first Camera